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"You're driving along the road of life…all seems well…quiet, when you look in your rear view mirror and your past is sitting there...WAITING!”

You can never really move forward until you heal, and deal with the issues from your past."

Category: Inspirational Mystery Romance

Publisher: DiamondStar Entertainment

IBSN 13: 978-1-463-65039-1
ISBN 10: 1-463-65039-6
ISBN SmashWords: 978-1-4524-6673-6
LCCN: 2011932578

Release Date: August 2011
Page count:  @ 300
Size: 6x9, Paper Back

Book Synopsis:

Tierra and Aquarian were known as “PB&J” since elementary school. But events, unknown to either of them, were stirring as behind the scenes. Tierra turned her back on God and blamed him for the pain of her childhood.  Aquarian sought answers from a love her never knew existed only to find them and lose them. In the midst of their individual chaos an impromptu meeting brings them back together and their lives seem to instantly go straight to Drama Central. When all is said and done, one of them may not make it to see the morning’s light, and the other will end up in an unlikely place seeking solace.

In Beautiful, you will be introduced to all of the main characters of the future volumes. So pay close attention and begin to conjure up your own ideas of where the series is going to go. When you finish book 5, you decide just how close you were to the author's vision.

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"When everything you ever wanted lands right in your lap, sometimes the right thing to do, is to walk away."

Category: Inspirational Mystery Romance

Publisher: DiamondStar Entertainment

Book Series: Beautiful Mess Series
ISBN 13: 978-1-4680-2505-7

ISBN 10: 1-4680-2505-8

LCCN: 2012907064

Release Date: January 2013

Page Count: @ 300

Size: 6x9, Paperback

Book Synopsis: 

"What do you do when your dreams are right in front of you, but you can't reach them? Do you put everything else to the side and go for them? What if going after your dreams, means losing everything you have now? Sean and Shireece Willis face these very questions as they try to find their way through the maze of life's desires and deception. Will the seduction of having all they ever wanted, be more than either of them can resist? When the final curtain closes, will the risk be worth the end result?

Sean’s only desire is to be a better husband and father than his father was. But, after years of trying and no children, he focuses his attention on his career and pulls away from his wife. Shireece is tired of being alone and begins to feel more like a Single Wife. Though she was raised to stand by her husband at all costs, she is determined to make something of her life, with or without Sean's approval. What will be the fate of this happy marriage when they begin to have more secrets between them, than honesty?

Keep up with the rest of the characters, and see how is Tierra handling her new position as president of Baxwell Enterprises? Will Qu figure out how to express his love for Tierra without pushing her back behind the comfort of her security wall? What will Vito do when propositioned to help one friend deceive another? Will evidence surface that proves Qu’s accident wasn’t an accident after all?

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Coming 2015

Beautiful Innocence

"Being an adult is more than a number. Sometimes our we rush into things, thinking we have all the answers. When you realize you took a wrong turn, will you run and hide or face the music?"

Chamani had enough of her over protective parents, and takes her future into her own hands. She decides to make an escape and runs away to New England instead of returning home after a weekend retreat with a friend. Upon arrival, she is immediately thrown into a life and death decision. What she choses to do will stay with her for the rest of her life and may just cost her, her freedom. As she tries to adjust, will her ignorance to life without anyone to guide her, land her in the deep end of the pool without a life raft? When her brother, Qu, finds out the truth, will his reaction prove to have deadly costs?

How far is Shireece willing to go to make Sean pay for his infidelities? Will she put divorce and single motherhood on the table just to get back at him, or will he finally be able to do what he needs to, to prove he is sorry and ready to make ammends? 

Now that the truth to Jade's past has been revealed, how will her friends react as her life takes yet another drastic turn? In the process of trying to help her Vito's plan unknowingly uncovers a truth that will rock her world to the core.

Find out this and much more in the highly anticipated Volume 3 "Beautiful Innocence."

Coming 2016

Beautiful Revelations

ISO, face for the part of Vito

"Sometimes what we need has been in our face the whole time, but we've been too busy looking everywhere else. When the truth is revealed, what will you do?"

Jade has always had to be strong. The one time in her life that she let her guard down and breathed a little, she allowed love in. It was wonderful. But a short while later, that joy was gone, and she lost her husband. Now, a single mother with 4 children, with a business to run, Jade finds herself in desparate need of a shoulder to lean on. The shoulder that is offered, isn't the one she expected. 

With her step-son fighting for his life, the identity of the only person able to help him comes as a shock to the both of them. Will Jade be able to open up and trust this new friend after all she has been through? And what will this mystery person do when faced with the reality that this young man's life may very well lay in his hands? Will he run or face the music?

With the identity of Tierra's stalker revealed, everyone is stunned and confused.  Why is he after her after all this time? When he reveals why he has shown up, Qu is furious! He cant believe that Tierra would hide something so serious from him. Will he be able to ever get over  or lies and trust her again? Or has their budding love affair seen its last day?

Beautiful Revelations, volume 4 in the Beautiful Mess Series will reveal those answers and more.