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Your Mary Kay "Advanced Beauty" Color Consultant 

I have always been a "Bling n Beauty" kinda girl. I dressed up and played in my step-mothers make-up, dreamed about being a fashion designer and owning the runway. I think the businesses I've chosen, or that chose me, were only natural options for me. Mary Kay, has given women around the world the opportunity to be in business for themselves, to own a car without debt increase, and to assist those women in not only looking, but feeling  their absolute best and enhancing that feeling in other women! How can you go wrong when that is what you accomplish everyday?

I'd love nothing more than to be able to assist you in all your beauty and skincare needs. Let's Talk!

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If you're in the Richmond, VA area, Contact me to help me complete my Audacious Women's Portfolio with 100 Before and After Photos. 
August 15th - September 15th

Capatilize on your dreams. Walk into your destiny. 
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Are you ready for a change in your life???!!!  

Are you Tired of being Sick & Tired? 

Ready to step into debt freedom? Yearning to spend more time with your family, your spouse, your children?

Do you want to do What you want, When you want and not owrry about losing your job? 

So do I. That's why I began my own business. You can too. Join my BLING n BEAUTY Team and get ready to step with ME into your Super Blessed Destiny... 

Click here to View my Directors page and Click the Career Opportunity tab on the left. to find out more about how Mary Kay can work for you! A Smart person, gets ALL the FACTS before they make a decision. Dont go on what OTHERS tell you... GET the FACTS for yourself! Hear the Truth about what Mary Kay can do for and your family, when you let go of Fear and walk Boldly into your Destiny.

Then Call me to receive MORE information and qualify for a free gift, just for listening with an open mind!. I can't wait to talk to you. Let's walk into a totally awesome destiny Together!!!

I'll be right here waiting to hear from!